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Re-positioning the Company to Meet Growing Customer Opportunities

In partnership with active senior management, CM Equity Partners acquired 3001 in 2004 through a recapitalization from its retired majority shareholder.  3001 was a leading single-source provider of geospatial data production and analysis including: airborne imaging, surveying, mapping, and geographic information systems for domestic and international civilian, defense customers.  Additionally, 3001 implemented intelligence initiatives to develop and maintain public and private sector infrastructure to better understand land and resources.

CMEP enhanced the value of the Company by collaborating with the management team to add industry experts to the board who focused on the Company's growth.  By working with management to execute 3001’s growth strategy, CMEP assisted in the completion of three acquisitions that elevated 3001’s service capabilities and contract base, and provided 3001 with the second-largest domestic fleet of imagery capture aircraft in its industry.  CMEP also strengthened and extended 3001’s relationships with customers by generating support for NGA projects, establishing contracts with DHS for border mapping and with other federal agencies, moving 3001’s headquarters to Washington, DC area from Louisiana, building a SCIF for secure contracts and investing in equipment to meet customers’ long-term needs. 

3001 grew significantly during CMEP's period of involvement through both organic means and through strategic acquisitions, eventually placing the Company in an ideal position to meet the increasing needs of geospatial imagery by its customers.  In 2008, 3001 was acquired by Northrop Grumman (NYSE: NOC) in a successful transaction for both the management team and CMEP’s investors.

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