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Executing a Rapid Growth Strategy Through Both Organic Means and Through Acquisition

ICFI is a leading global provider of consulting services and technology solutions to government and commercial clients in the following markets: energy, environmental,  infrastructure development, health, social programs and consumer/financial. 

CM Equity Partners recognized the expanding growth opportunities for the services ICFI provides, and in partnership with management, acquired ICFI  (revenue of $95 million) in a go private transaction from its public parent, Kaiser Group Holdings (formerly, ICF Kaiser) in 1999.  CMEP assisted management in the development and implementation of its long-term strategic plan, strengthening its management team and board, investing in scalable systems, infrastructure, and implementing appropriate governance and risk management programs.  

To achieve its long-term plan to grow the firm’s scope of services, industry coverage, and geographic presence, CMEP assisted management in pursuing add-on acquisitions and executing a successful Initial Public Offering in 2006.  Between 1999 and 2010, during CMEP's investment period in ICFI, the Company acquired 11 strategically complimentary companies and grew ICFI's revenues and profits by more than 7 times. ICF has continues its success as a public company, completing more than 20 add-on acquisitions and achieving revenue of approximately $1.5 billion in 2019.

CMEP identified ICFI as a company with numerous growth opportunities.  Throughout the period of CMEP's more than ten-year involvement with the Company, ICFI has received numerous awards and industry recognition.   Most recently, ICFI was named, in 2019, a “Fast Moving” brand by the Government Business Council. ICFI currently has more than 7,000 employees and more than 60 offices worldwide.

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