Systems Planning and Analysis - "Company Transformation"

Acquisition: From Founder; under-performing, aging team, five consecutive years of declining revenues, costs out of line

  • No strategic plan, high employee turnover – particularly among young future leaders (36% in 2016)

  • No business development organization or pipeline

  • Aging infrastructure (processes, tools, capital equipment)


  • Strong core business, great potential for growth with right leadership and strategy and near-term actions

  • Acquired by CMEP in a broken auction / Known owner 10 years

Actions / Results: 

  • New CEO recruited; more transparent, inclusive, merit-based, style to empower leadership team

  • Developed and executed strategic and annual plans

  • Energized and motivated existing leadership team, resulting in significant revenue turnaround (see below)

  • Improved employee morale (validated through surveys) / reduced turnover to below industry metrics (39% lower than benchmarks)

  • Improved work Quality / Attained ISO9001 and CMMI Maturity Level 3 International Quality certifications

  • Invested into capabilities, infrastructure, and business development

  • Strong Revenue growth +80% (2016 thru 2020 (est.)

  • EBITDA increased significantly +155% (2016 thru 2020 (est.))

  • Achieved Contracts “Won” – Outstanding Book-to-Bill of  > 2.0 x

  • Diversified portfolio with >50 new clients including a new and growing Australian business (increased from $700k in 2016 to $6M+ in 2020 (est.)

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